Consular Services

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Even though we have thousands of Sierra Leoneans living in Canada, there is only one embassy in the USA that is serving Sierra Leoneans living in both countries. Sierra Leoneans living in Alberta have only this embassy, in Washington DC., to access consular and other diplomatic services.

Among the many benefits of having the country’s consular services closer to us in Edmonton and other parts of Alberta, which is the primary purpose of this SLAA project, is the ease in obtaining or renewing passports with the Government of Sierra Leone.

The SLAA President and his executive team are currently advocating for consular services in this part of Canada. In his report, delivered at the association’s AGM, Dr. Conteh noted that a consular service does not necessarily require an office, for the consular official to carry out his/her duties. He added that an Alberta-based Sierra Leone Consul can even have another job or operate his/her own business, while running the consular affairs of the Government of Sierra Leone.